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At Brubaker-Culton, we help clients get exactly the home or property they want.  People of all ages, and businesses large and small, come to us when they want experience and negotiating strength from the largest real estate team in Southern Riverside County.

Sometimes they contact us when they first consider moving to the Hemet/San Jacinto Valley.  At other times, it’s when they spot the perfect home or property, and they want to move up in life.  They want an extra bedroom.  A newer home.  More room for their growing business.

Buying or selling a home is one of life’s most important decisions.  It must be done right and it must be done smoothly to minimize stress to your family.

Here’s how we make it problem-free and easy for you:

  • Find the right property
  • Negotiate the best terms
  • Facilitate a smooth escrow
  • Get the right loan
  • Close the sale on time

Many years ago, we built our escrow division and loan center to solve the coordination problems that most Realtors still have.  We coordinate all these critical steps – minute by minute – for you under one roof.

Today, you know the best properties sell fast.  It pays to talk to us first whether you’re considering buying or selling.  We’ll probably know about the property you want. Or, if you’re ready to sell and move up, we have or we’ll find plenty of qualified buyers.  Since 1953, we’ve helped clients buy and sell over 24,752 homes and properties.

To help you make the best decision about your next home purchase or sale, we offer four important tools.

With these FREE tools and Brubaker-Culton, you can schedule the movers right away.

Thanks for considering Brubaker-Culton.  We don’t want all the business – just yours.

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